The Camera Never Lies Book Cover

The Camera Never Lies

Willie Halliday - a private detective with a difference!
He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, and he prefers to stay in nights studying his Buddhist manuscripts, but that doesn't mean he's a pushover. As the beautiful Mrs Austin Reeves and her equally beautiful daughters find out.

But then his Amazonian, young secretary, Phoebe who reputedly boxed for Roedean could have told him that!

Set in Covent Garden in the Eighties, Willie's first adventure sees him caught up with the smart set - and the rough set in a story of blackmail and murder.

"A leader among the new wave of private dicks" MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS

Paperback & Digital

Kisses Leave No Fingerprints book cover

Kisses Leave no Fingerprints

Willie Halliday, the private eye with Buddhist beliefs, is back with a case involving murder, a long legged redhead, a West End advertising agency, and a seedy hotel in Paddington. He needs all his wits about him, the help of Phoebe his Amazing Amazon of a secretary, and some Covent Garden porters to come out of it alive!

"In an earlier generation Halliday might have been Philip Marlowe"

Paperback & Digital

Death comes unexpectedly book cover

Death comes unexpectedly

Willie Halliday finds himself working for a steward of the Jockey Club on a case involving blackmail, murder and an extreme political party run by a psychopath. As usual Willie’s not short of lovely women, including Pandora Drummond, a writer of romantic fiction. Phoebe, Willie’s Amazonian secretary, is not amused when her boss comes under the writer’s spell.

"Willie Halliday, a P.I. worth keeping an eye out for"
PASADENA MORNIN STAR NEWS (reviewing Volume 1 in Series)


Off My Chest book cover

Poetry for people who don't 'DO' poetry

The fact is we all do poetry everyday. The lyrics of a song, a passage in a magazine are forms of poetry. Poetry offers a story with a twist. Love, death, humour – and it’s shorter than a novel.
This little book makes an ideal present.

“…enjoy the poems for what they are…easy reading for stressful days. Try it”

Paperback & Digital

It Leaves a Nasty Stain book cover

It leaves a Nasty stain

Meet Rick Stone, owner of the Online Detective Agency. He has a way of finding trouble. But a lot of it seems to come from his two beautiful assistants, Katelina and Megan. A missing persons case, with an amorous client, leads Rick into a maze of double dealing, blackmail and a murder or two.

Paperback & Digital

Ring Back

A feel-good fantasy for the 21st Century

Leila has the voice of an angel, but not the looks to match. Frederick looks like a Hollywood hero, but his voice makes people laugh. Then Leila and Frederick meet, and unbelievable things begin to happen. Why does Leila think Darth Vader and R2-D2 are trying to contact her? And how does she manage to have seven children in 6 weeks? And what phantasmagorical event sets Leila and Frederick off on a romantic adventure that changes their lives, and the whole world, forever.

Paperback & Digital