Moving Up


We're moving house. Well, trying to. It's not as easy as it used to be. These days even the agents seem to have agents. Search agents they're called - retained by the wealthy to take the hard work out of looking for suitable properties. Oh to be rich!

We'd been visited by eight people before the first punter showed up. We'd signed innumerable declarations, and of course, hidden all the clutter and junk in various cupboards. The house hadn't looked so good for years. Sorry, darling! The only problem was that the first three potential buyers asked to look in the cupboards!

It's funny what people do ask, one man even wanted to see the gas fire working. I mean why, if you can afford the house surely...never mind!

People were very complimentary, "Your house is lovely" etcetera, etcetera, "Would it be alright to bring the architect and the builder round. Obviously we couldn't live in it like this."
"No, of course not, I wouldn't expect you to. By the way we're leaving the carpets and curtains."
"Thank you, but we wouldn't want those."

At last after stressful negotiations the house is sold (actually 3 times) and now begins the hard work of finding all the things we hid away for the viewing! And completing on the new apartment we're moving to in three months! I don't think we'll be moving again. But then I haven't got through this one yet!