The World is your barrel of Oysters

There’s a lot going on at the moment, isn’t there? I mean the Jubilee, the pageant, concerts, street parties, test matches, music  festivals, Euro 2012, Wimbledon, Henley and of course, the Olympics and Paralympics. Not to mention the collapse of several countries in the Euro zone. And one or two potential conflicts in the middle-east. And the doctors going on strike. The list is endless. I’m finding it quite hard to concentrate on work. Writing. My new novel/poem Casablanca Kiss, a homage to Bogart & Bergman. A second book of poetry, and a second detective book featuring Rick Stone (The first, ‘It Leaves a Nasty Stain’ is on Amazon). So basically I’ve decided to stop work for a few weeks and use my energy to gather material for future work.

Quite a lot of the above events are not to my taste, and probably not yours, but for painters, poets and photographers and writers this is a wonderful time. The events of next few months are the stuff of life. Thousands of stories are waiting to be captured in words, in paint, on camera and on film. Because big events bring drama, romance, evil, love, success and epic failure in their wake. And we creative people of the world need to get ourselves involved and put our own individual slant on things. So fellow artists get to it. Make your way to the barricades and experience history in the making. And then make something unique of it.