Refrigerate After openning

I think I'm going to have to buy a new fridge. You know one of those huge industrial ones. And I'm not sure if even that will cope with the ever increasing number of food and drink products that display the dreaded warning, 'Refrigerate After Opening". I mean you expect to put the butter, milk, beer, meat etc in the fridge. But Jam, pickles, marmalade, deserts, I ask you.

Soon it will be tea bags, coffee, shampoo, tinned goods, toilet rolls, furniture polish all manner of strange and exotic products. And what about the traditional fridge residents, how are they going to feel towards their new fridge-mates? Will they give them the cold shoulder, attempt to freeze them out? We could be heading for a new cold war if this continues.

How, why has this happened? It's not that long ago that half the population didn't have fridges. Do the manufacturers save money by leaving out ingredients that have traditionally acted as preservatives? Or they in league with the 'Bigger and better, change your fridge more often' franchise? Whatever the answer, it gets a chilly response from me.