How Was It For You?


Did the earth move, or was it just the Christmas pudding lurching from side to side? I’m talking about Christmas you understand. I’m not one of those people who ask embarrassing questions about your personal life. There’s always the chance I won’t like the answers!

We had a family Christmas which meant my wife and me didn’t sit down much. It’s amazing how many different things people want – at different times. Mostly just as you’ve sat down from attending to the last request!

It goes without saying that we all ate too much. The most dangerous phrase in the world is “After All It Is Christmas.” This seems to excuse everything from murder to leaving the lavatory seat up. What is it about lavatory seats that bring out the worst in people. Never mind. Another answer we don’t want to hear.

At least we’ve solved the problem of unwanted presents by each of us issuing a list of things we’d like at the beginning of December. What we haven’t solved is the question of communication. Or unilateral action. So while you don’t end up with multi-coloured socks or three dozen handkerchiefs, there is the distinct possibility that you could get four copies of the same book, or that CD (which you weren’t really sure you wanted anyway).

However, we got through it. And we’re still talking. Most of us. There’s just New Year to deal with now and three family birthdays to celebrate. And, of course, the months of dieting. Happy New Year.