Indian Magic

Taj Mahal

I have just returned from India, a seven day trip on the Indian Maharaja Train from Mumbai to Delhi with stops at, Aurangabad, Udaipur, Ranthambore National Park, Jaipur, Agra and finally Delhi.

It was the fulfilment of a thirty year dream and it turned out to be
everything and more than I had imagined. Quite simply it was love at first sight!

There is not enough space and, almost not enough words, to do justice to the experience, so over the next few blogs I am breaking the holiday into sections to try to convey some of the magic.

It is hard to capture the essence of the country. There are so many India’s. The beauty, the food, the colour, the people, the palaces and forts, the poverty, the excitement. I suppose the thing that surprised me most was the cheerfulness of the people wherever we went, whether it was a slum, a village, a vibrant local town or a city.

India is on the up – the sixth largest economy in the world – and growing. And you can feel it. They are excited, proud, they want to tell you about their achievements and their lives.

In the next blog I will tell you about the train – all 22 carriages of it – each furnished in a manner inspired by the trains that used to carry royalty around the country! I also plan to put together a picture gallery.