A treasure trove of books

I want to share with you a little gem I discovered a couple of years ago. It is strictly for book lovers and is a treasure trove of largely non-fiction delights. You can find them online at www.academicbookcollection.com. But they do send out a newspaper-like quarterly sale review, which is what I work from. There has never been a time when there are not at least six books that I want. For example, and by way of a taster, the latest mailing as just arrived and immediately I must have, ‘Dickens On France’ that includes accounts on a train journey from London to Paris and a rough channel crossing.
There’s ‘British Cinema of the 1950s’, ‘Young Stalin’ by Simon Sebag Montefiore – a snip at £5.95. Add to these, ‘Voices of Silence - The Alternative Book of First World War Poetry’ and, ‘88 The Giants of Jazz Piano’ and you can see that a new world has opened up before you. These guys are rescuing books that might otherwise disappear – in deed in some cases they have he last copies. They deserve out support.