The most pleasureable of poets

Pleasureable Poets
The trouble with lists, especially lists of 10, is who to leave out. I’ve read a lot of poetry this year, probably more than at any time in my life so it’s been difficult to arrive at a definitive list.

Simon Armitage, Carol Ann Duffy, Felix Dennis and Christopher Reid are old friends, so to speak, but I’ve been re-reading them and discovering new poems. And new collections. I particularly loved Carol Ann Duffy’s, ‘The Female Husband’ and ‘The Elms’. Christopher Reid’s, ‘The Song of Lunch’ and Felix Dennis’, ‘Do Whatever Your Heart Desires’ both have been read many times. Leontia Flynn’s collection, ‘Profit & Loss’ was full of good things as was Don Paterson’s, ‘Landing Light’.

My coming trip to India meant that I discovered several poets new to me. Two of the best were Nissim Ezekiel and Jeet Thayil his (editor) book of Contemporary Indian Poetry (Bloodaxe) is a treasure trove of Indian gems – from all over the world!

Lastly I’ve been discovering the poetry of Dorothy Parker again. There’s some very deep stuff there in amongst the wit. Talking of which, ‘The Veteran’ appealed greatly. One more poet, an American, Louis Simpson. I can always find something I want to read from his various collections.
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