Fify Shades or something darker?

Like many other writers I have been intrigued not only by the success of the Fifty Shades of Grey series of books by E.L. James, but by the reason she wrote them. Was it simply for the money, or in the current state of publishing the hope of lots of money? (She certainly couldn’t have dreamed that her efforts would bring such huge rewards). Or, did she feel that somehow these ‘hard porn’ books in a gossamer wrap of
acceptability would enrich the lives of bored yummie mummies and single, middle-class women who had no-one in their lives.  If it was the latter, then why not do so under her own name? If you are on a mission to help womankind you don’t hide behind a pseudonym, you come right out in the open and say “follow me”! This is the way it should be. On the  other hand if you have seen a market for porn, but do not want friends, neighbours and family to know, you might well decide to hide behind a flag of convenience. The question is does Ms James want to be a writer, or a successful author?

I have only read part of the first book. It was all I could take. The story is corny, the writing poor and the sex grubby and second rate. And yet millions of women have rushed out and bought it, and the two follow up books. What does it say about their lives? Why are they so keen to see themselves demeaned in the ways they are in the book?
Surely their message for the last thirty years has been we want equality. How does this fit in with being tied up, whipped and subjugated to punitive sex?

Is the success of these books a symptom of our deeply disturbed society. A society that does not know what it is or what it wants anymore. Where nothing lasts for long. Where or what next for the women who bought this book? Experiments with cannibalism! I suppose with the price of meat being what it is you couldn’t blame them!