Ive got it on my list

It seems to be the season for lists. Shopping lists, present lists (for Santa and friends) Christmas card lists, the ten best goals of the season (so far) list and the time for critics to list their top ten books, films, music albums etc. So I thought I’d join in.

I have to admit I love lists. It’s always interesting to see what other people are reading or listening to. And particularly when someone clever likes the same things as you!

Over the next three weeks I’m going to compile three lists. The ten poets whose work I’ve enjoyed the most during the year. They might be new to me or I might not have read them for awhile. The ten poems that have given me most enjoyment over the year. The same criteria.

And lastly the ten books, fiction and non fiction, that I’ve enjoyed the most. Since I read well over 100 books a year this will be a tough one, but also very interesting. I just hope I can remember back to January!