Worth a thousand words

I’ve been so busy getting some of my previously published books up on Kindle that I’ve neglected the visual side of my life. There seems to have been no time to paint. But I am about to put that right.

I find that nothing gets me in the mood better than going to an art gallery. On Tuesday I went to the Migrations exhibition at the Tate Britain. The exhibition explores how migration into this country helped shape the course of art in Britain over the last 500 years.

It’s an interesting concept, and some of the work is particularly striking, but for me the execution failed to carry through the promise of the concept. The exhibition didn’t flow, didn’t coalesce. The story was never made clear. Maybe because there were three different curators.

The layout of the exhibition didn’t help either. The leaflet explains there is more than one way through the exhibition, but this is precisely what is wrong with the staging. While you’re looking at the early section 1636 – 1937, out of the corner of your eye you can see
moving images on a big screen and hear the loud soundtrack. The dissonance between Van Dyk and the work of the Black Audio Film Collective does neither exhibit any favours.

I have booked to see the Hockney exhibition, but before that I want to go to Leighton House in Holland park to see ‘Meetings in Marrakech’ – the paintings of Hassan El Glaoui and Winston Churchill.

But before either of those treats it’s time to get the paint brushes working. I feel like doing something experimental. Look out art lovers!