Saying Goodbye to Baby


About thirty years ago my wife was left a black baby...grand piano, a Bechstein no less. It had belonged to her Grandmother and not surprisingly was held in some affection by her. It was a handsome piece of furniture apart from anything else and so we made the decision to adopt it. During that time we have moved twice, taking baby with us, at great expense, and not a little effort. It's arrival at our current house involved having a grill cut away and the windows taken out. On a previous occasion a crane had been involved!

So like most children 'baby B' was not exactly trouble free. But we loved her and she has been a joy to behold. We are moving again. This time from a four story house to a penthouse apartment and it is time for baby to fly the nest. It is time for her to make a new life for herself, just like us. It seems likely that she will end up in Asia, lucky girl! We are staying in Fulham but I'm sure we will still hear the melodious notes of our girl wherever she ends up.