A brush with art

Roofs of the Cobb Barn after Hopper by Mke Fredman
I have just been accepted as a member of the Society of Fulham Artists & Potters so to celebrate I thought I’d put up one of my recent pictures.

I’ve only been painting for a couple of years, and am very much self taught. I’m not sure how it has all happened, since I have always believed that I couldn’t even draw stick men. But some how, by copying pictures I like – and think I can cope with, no figures – I have managed to get pleasure and some satisfactory results. Other people’s words – not mine.

The picture shown is an interpretation of a painting by the great Edward Hopper titled, ‘Roofs of the Cobb Barn’. I’m pretty sure he would turn in his grave if he saw it, but I hope would appreciate the effort that went into it.

I paint in oils and watercolours and strongly recommend the process to anyone. It is wonderfully absorbing – and soothing, even when it goes wrong. You are always learning, and it makes you more observant – which in turn helps the poetry. And the appreciation of the world we live in. I wish I could take the paints on the forthcoming trip to India, but I think a sketch book will have to do.

Summer Exhibition

smiley icecream copy
I went to see the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy this week and was once again struck by the wealth of creative talent we have in this country. Painting, sculpture, writing, music, architecture the list is long. Much of what I saw at the Summer Exhibition, I didn’t like. But the technical skills on show were impressive. This year there was too much mixed media and too much photography for my taste. And by virtue of that not enough good old-fashioned painting. Of course, in an exhibition of over a thousand exhibits there’s almost too much to take in. But it was good to see new work from painters who never disappoint me – Anthony Eyton RA, Ken Howard RA, John Bellany RA and John Wragg RA. Just a couple more things that caught my eye and are well worth looking out for if you go – Aurora by Anselm Kiefer Hon RA, a wonderful piece (433) using the hull of a scale model submarine in lead, a bronze sculpture by James Butler RA (1002) and a piece called Library ll by Simon Leahy-Clark, which is described as Newspaper Cuttings On Canvas (921).
Tonight I’m going to the private view of the Summer Exhibition of The Society of Fulham Artists & Potters, a society which I hope to join when a place becomes vacant. Who knows maybe I’ll be exhibiting in the future, and people can come along an express a view of my work.
What a thought!!!

The illustration for this blog is by Ella Fredman.