Strictly Poetry

Poetry is a lot like dancing, or dance. I came to this conclusion over the weekend while watching television. You can guess what. I know its sad, but there you are, we all need a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine of life go down. The thing is dance is a broad church. Even within ballroom there are lots of variations, some with more rules than others. And then there’s ballet, flamenco, clog, folk, salsa and belly just to mention a few. Oh, and of course, my kind of dancing.

And that’s how it is with poetry. You’ve got all the old conventional forms with their rules, sonnets, villanelles, quatrains etc but you’ve also got free verse and all kinds of experimental poetry - mainly American – Cut Outs, Ransom, Telephone Numbers and so on. Recently the poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, even deemed tweets to be a form of poetry, and I agree.

So what about a new programme, Strictly Poetry. Anton du Beke would definitely be Oscar Wilde. Karen Hardy, the effervescent Wendy Cope, Craig Revel Horwood, Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner - another disaster daarling!). The possibilities are endless. Poetry performed (often in competition) as it was a thousand years ago. You can’t possibly get everything out of a poem until you read it, or hear it read aloud. The pauses, the white space on the page in a poem are as important as the words. What about it BBC. I’m sure it would be a winner.