All the world


I’ve been to the theatre a bit recently. There’s some good stuff on at the moment. And some very interesting audiences. For example if you want to know the state of the country’s health, go to the theatre. It’s amazing how quickly a trip to a play or concert brings on a troublesome cough, or a particularly loud bout of sneezing. Diarrhea also seems to strike judging by the number of times people have to get up to go to the lavatory.

I suppose the theatre now resembles what it must have been like in Elizabethan times more closely than ever before. People eat and drink during the performance, whisper to each other and slide their hands into forbidden places, unaware that they can be seen.

Some people sleep, others try and read the programme, missing
whole scenes of the play – and then have to enquire loudly “what’s happening?” Obviously there are those who would rather be somewhere else. Sad, of course, but at least they have their phones to play games on. And at the interval ring friends to say they are at the theatre. And, yes it’s very good!

As for the clothes people wear, well it’s rather like being in the middle of a large charity shop. Outfits from every era and most countries of the world. Only someone had mixed them all up. But Hey Ho, as Shakespeare once said – ‘All the world’s a stage” so what can you expect.

I’m sure there’s an interesting audience near you. Why not take a trip to the theatre.