Anyone for Tennis

Wimbledon Bus
I went to Wimbledon this week and was lucky enough to see what the BBC says is one of the best women’s matches they have ever televised. It was between the diminutive Mrs Date-Krumm and the colossal Venus Williams. A truly David and Goliath effort. Unfortunately on this occasion Goliath won – but only just. I don’t think many of us in the centre court on Wednesday knew much about Mrs Date-Krumm and so it was with surprise that I leaned that in 1996, as Kimiko Date she was number 4 in the world rankings. Having lost a semi-final to the great Steffi Graf she decided to leave the tour where she was unhappy, and married Michael Krumm a German racing driver set on having a family. Sadly this didn’t happen and twelve years later her husband persuaded her to return to tennis. How sad it wasn’t sooner, her elegant style of play would have graced many a court. While I was watching this match I scribbled my own tribute to Kimiko!

Oh Kimiko Date-Krumm
Fashioned under the Kyoto sun
Lithe of limb and fleet of foot
Strong in arm and true of eye
Rallying under Wimbledon skies
In your dress of driven snow
You were not to be outshone
To your charms we all succumbed
You so deserved the victor’s crown
The match was lost
But many hearts were won

(And you, nearly forty one!)